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Suzanne Hawkins

Certified Canine Nutritionist Online

Menrva Nutrition was developed because I had a Yorkie who was diagnosed with renal failure.  Her numbers were concerning and I was told that the only food I could feed her was a prescription diet.  Even at that time I knew that prescription diets did not have quality whole foods and were made up of mostly chemicals that tried to mimic real food, so I sought out an alternative to help my precious baby.  I searched online for a dog nutritionist, hoping they could help me develop a recipe for her condition. I was unsuccessful in finding the right nutrition professional, so I went to a holistic veterinarian to help me develop a meal plan that I could feel good feeding my girl. We were able to decrease her protein and add in fruits and vegetables along with supplements to create a well balanced meal. These changes were working, and at one point my Yorkie’s numbers had decreased to normal range.  She was happy and begged for food, which was unusual behavior for her since she had always been a picky eater.  She had energy, and I could tell she finally felt good.  This prompted a search for schools where I could learn more about how to assist others through appropriate nutrition and to help keep pets off of damaging medications due to poor diets.

My education and experience come from a holistic approach where I look at the body as a whole, not just make recommendations for symptomatic solutions.  This process may take a little longer to show results however, the issues our pets deal with do not happen overnight so we need to set dietary revisions to slowly regain health of the body. I ask that my clients have patience and faith that what they are doing is the right choice for the overall health of their loved companions.

Thank you for visiting and reading about my journey. I look forward to accompanying your pet’s journey to optimal health!

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