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Individuals and families who live in states where a majority of the area is rural own more pets per household says The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Homes in rural areas and states that have very few large cities tend to have less pet restrictions, breed restrictions, and absent homeowner’s associations. Additionally,  many individuals own their homes, so they can make decisions on kitten and puppy purchases or adoption without the conditions enforced by a landlord. Many households also have multiple pets, from a purebred English Mastiff to a rescued Domestic Shorthair.

Here are the top ten states with the most overall pet ownership: Wyoming, West Virginia, Vermont, Idaho, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Households in these states own more cats and kittens: Vermont, Maine, West Virginia, Indiana, New Hampshire, Iowa, Arkansas, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

These States Have The Most Dogs and Puppies In Their Homes: Idaho, Montana, Arkansas, Mississippi, West, Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, and Tennessee. 

Overall in the United States, 38.4 percent of households had a dog as a pet; while 25.4 percent of households chose a cat as their pet. Widely agricultural states such as West Virginia and Wyoming report that over 70% of their households having at least a cat or a dog or even multiple pets. As a lifelong resident of multiple rural states in the South, I can say – I don’t remember ever NOT having a pet. I am pretty sure all my friends had a dog or a few of them (mostly hunting dog and hound dog breeds).

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