Why Choose Breeder Designs?

Breeder Designs offers unique, show stopping and user friendly breeder website and dog website design, complete with search engine optimization (SEO). While I enjoy creating websites for any type of small business and industry, Breeder Designs focuses on breeder, pet supplies, and pet services website development and traffic. This industry is my specialty, my expertise. I have been performing and maintaining SEO for pet related websites for some time, and I am good at what I do.


Search engine optimized web pages, websites that generate real traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine results. I provide both offsite and onsite SEO, which is different from what other kennel or pitbull website designers offer. Your kennel or breeder website will get the attention of all major search engines. SEO is legitimate (whitehat) and long lasting, and only increases your breeder website visibility as time goes on. I do not use quick, illegal SEO techniques that have quick, short lived results and Google penalties. The techniques used here increase unique traffic gradually and naturally.

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Expert in Breeder Website Design

“As a past breeder of over 10 years, it was always an unwritten rule that a breeding shouldn’t take place unless 75% of an average sized upcoming litter has the potential to be reserved or have a waiting list on that litter. Without effective marketing, that can sometimes mean endless hours of manual social posts, multiple classifieds ads posts, and limiting your sales area to local customers as the majority. Additionally, social media such as Facebook is cracking down on animal sales, which makes marketing your breedings or litters extremely difficult. So to make it short, I know what breeders need their websites to do; this includes bringing in new customers as one of the most primary functions and necessities of a website. This is achieved with onsite and offsite search engine optimization (SEO), Essential SEO that targets those searching for a puppy, kitten or service from a breeder or pet supplies & services from your business.”

Understanding Breeder Web Design

Your dog breeding business and website should be set apart from the rest of the websites. The only means to make this happen is to get a customized breeder web design.

The Characteristics of Breeder Web Design

Research indicates nearly 50% of all internet traffic is by way of a cell phone. The very first step is to earn the forecast appear good on a little screen. The absolute most important factor being here is the availability of all of the native capabilities even via a mobile device.

In the same style, SEO establishes a resilient foundation for your site. One of the most typical misunderstandings about website traffic is that the objective is lots of traffic. This is not true, you can get a lot of traffic but it would not be organic traffic. Most essential process is getting your site ranking on all search engines, not just google. You  also want to update your site as frequently as you require.

An increasing business requires a site that may handle greater traffic. Providing your website visitors with a very good navigation experience will keep the customer interested and you can be sure they will stay on your site longer and have a great experience.

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Providing website services to many pet-related industries

We specialize in web development, SEO, and hosting for pet related businesses (such as, but not limited to): Dog breeder websites, Catteries, website for Farms & ranches, Web Design for exotic pets, Web design for Rescues, Website design for veterinarians and veterinary clinics, pet shop web design, pet store website development, cat breeder websites, show dog websites, show cat web design, website design for pet shippers, reptile and snake breeder’s web design, outdoor web design, dog trainer website design, and web design for pet boarding businesses. 

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