Your host (also referred to as your server) is what stores all your website files and broadcasts your website on the internet, via your domain name URL. Without hosting, your website will not display on your URL. So it is a required part of owning a functioning website.  Below are some hosting providers we recommend. We currently use or have used these providers in the past. Our recommendations are based on quality and price. While Godaddy is absolutely fine for domain names, we do not recommend Godaddy for hosting due to their restrictions, their pricing, and their reputation for nickel & diming consumers by charging for services & products that are free or low cost with other hosting providers. 
When choosing hosting, we recommend purchasing the basic package. You will also need an SSL certificate. It is important that you keep an active card on your hosting account to avoid website outage, loss of website content, and suspensions. Since your host stores all of your website files, nonpayment of your hosting will result in loss of all website files; e.g., you will lose your entire website. 

A2 hosting
InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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