What is a website?

A website is a collection of linked and internet-accessible web pages (and their associated content) that share a unique domain name. Please see our blog on the components of a website here: COMPONENTS OF A BREEDER WEBSITE

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the website address (the URL). The domain name is how visitors access your webpage. Our domain name is BreederDesigns.com. You can see information about domain names on our blog here: WHAT ARE DOMAIN NAMES?

What is hosting (a host)?

A host is a service that stores your website files/content and allows these files to broadcast onto the web via a domain name address. You can read about hosting here: WHAT IS HOSTING?

What do you need to get started on my website?

We send a checklist of everything needed, from start to end of your project. While we don't need everything all at once to get started, the checklist allows you to have time to gather and send the requested items. Initially, we only need your business name (desired domain name), and your desired color scheme to get started. Since everyone's needs are different, we customize each checklist. This is why we don't have a checklist on the site.

How long does it take to complete my website?

The estimated completion time for the Starter Package is generally 2-3 weeks, while the Platinum Package may take up to 3-5 weeks. Completion estimates are also dependent on how many animal profiles we are making for the site, how many images that require minor or complex editing, the complexity of the graphics on the site, and how quickly you are able to gather and send all requested content. For the Diamond Package, completion time is similar to the Platinum, with some items being ongoing throughout the 24 months.

Why do images need to be approved for graphic work?

Some images may appear high resolution on your mobile device, but when they are enlarged to full size in photo editing software on a desktop device they may be very small images. Small images will pixelate tremendously when enlarged for a graphic design project. This will result in a low quality, unprofessional look to your graphic. Additionally, some images may be great quality - but have missing or obstructed body parts that cannot be corrected or hidden (for example, a hand on the face of a dog, or the abdomen of a cat obstructed by high grass). Lighting for images is important as well. Too bright or too dark images will not look natural and are almost always impossible to color correct. Grass and other things in the environment will also reflect onto the animal and give them a green or blue hue (only very obvious when the animal is cropped from the picture). We have an eye for this and can usually tell before cropping it out (after it is observed on a desktop device) if an image can be used. If you need help choosing images for graphic work, just let us know. Or you can read our blogs here: HOW TO TAKE THE BEST PHOTOS FOR GRAPHICS & THE IMPORTANCE OF IMAGE QUALITY

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

Financing is available through Klarna and Affirm. To choose a payment plan through Klarna or Affirm, you would need to add the company of your choice at checkout as a payment method. You would then be taken to their app to apply for financing. This is available on most products & services over $35. and is subject to their third party approval. Since approval and interest rates are unique to every applicant, we do not have any information regarding these rates. However, both have interest-free offers for some applicants. Payment options through Affirm are subject to eligibility, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: affirm.com/lenders. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license.

Why should I have a YouTube account for the videos on my breeding website?

While it is possible to upload videos directly to your site, it is not recommended. Videos take up a lot of storage space and bandwidth, bog the site down, slow your website loading speeds, and just aren't responsive on all devices (meaning they don't resize according to the device they are being viewed on). Instead, we recommend creating a YouTube or Vimeo account. This way you can embed your videos while they are being stored (hosted) somewhere else.

Do you build websites on Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, Google Sites, or other website builders?

No, we do not. There are many reasons we do not build websites on website builders. First, they are very limited for customization and have too many restrictions that will limit the functionality of a site. Second, most of them are not SEO-friendly. I can't think of one that is SEO friendly at the time of writing this. Three, website builders just have an unprofessional vibe and overall look. Four, most (if not all) have horrible or non-existent files managers. This means if you ever want to move your site, content will need to be collected individually and rebuilt on the new platform. Those are our reasons. But some reasons for website owners should include their cost and restrictions. Their monthly and annual plans that you pay forever typically far exceed the cost of having a custom website built. Most website builders make it impossible for you to transfer content onto another platform (which leaves you no choice but to build a new website), and some even make it impossible for you to ever really own your website and/or domain name.

Do you offer cattery and dog breeding website templates?

No. We create custom websites on the WordPress platform, starting from a blank canvas.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows users (including you) to create and maintain a website without the knowledge of coding. While we do use a lot of coding (including CSS) to design the site, it is not needed to maintain the site once we have completed it. As of 2023, there are 455 million WordPress websites on the web. Some notable WP websites are Time Magazine, Sony Music, PlayStation, and Whitehouse.gov (since 2018). As of 3/2023, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world - powering over 40% of all websites globally.

Is WordPress easy to learn?

While everything has a learning curve (remember when you didn't know how to use Instagram or Facebook?), WordPress is considered to be user-friendly and easy to use, especially for beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and a wide range of customizable themes and plugins that make it easy to create and manage a website without much technical knowledge. Additionally, there are plenty of online resources, tutorials, and community support available to help beginners get started with WordPress.

Do you offer hosting?

Our Platinum Package and Diamond Package includes hosting. After the hosting expires, Platinum and Diamond clients can then renew hosting on an annual or bi-annual basis. Hosting includes the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Starter Package clients can purchase hosting, SSL, CDN, and site backup with us after their included free hosting expires.

How does social media help my breeding business and which ones should I get?

Having accounts across different social media platforms helps you build and distinguish your brand. Social accounts can also help you rank higher on Google by driving traffic, increasing relevance, and giving you more chances to rank. Some of the social media platforms we recommend are Instagram (Business or Professional), Facebook Business, Google My Business, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, Nextdoor Business, Alignable, and Bing Places for Business. Keep in mind that on most platforms your profiles have to be public and upgraded to business level to work on WordPress.

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