What’s an SSL Certificate & Why is it Needed for My Breeder Site?

What is an SSL Certificate and why do I need one

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a type of digital certificate used to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and browser. It helps protect sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, etc., by encrypting the data that’s being transmitted. Having an SSL certificate on your website gives visitors confidence in knowing their information is secure when they visit your site. It also boosts SEO rankings and can increase customer trust. In short, having an SSL certificate is essential if you want to create a safe environment for customers to purchase from or interact with your cattery or dog breeder website.

The Secure Sockets Layer

If you have a breeder website or blog, it’s important to understand the concept of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. An SSL certificate encrypts sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information that passes between your visitors and your website. In this article, we’ll explain what an SSL certificate is, why it’s important for your website security, and how to obtain one.

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that uses cryptographic key technology to secure communication between two computers over the Internet. It establishes an encrypted connection from one computer to another so that any information transmitted remains private and secure. When someone visits your website via their web browser – such as Chrome or Firefox – they will be presented with a padlock icon in the address bar which indicates whether or not the site has been verified by an SSL provider as using encryption protocols for its data transmissions. This provides your visitors with peace-of-mind knowing that their personal details are safe from prying eyes when conducting online transactions on your website.

In addition to providing security for online transactions conducted on websites, there are several other reasons why you should consider obtaining an SSL certificate:

1) Increase trust among customers: Having a valid SSL certificate displayed in visitors’ browsers shows them that you take security seriously and can help build trust in customers who may be reluctant about entering sensitive information into forms on unsecured sites;

2) Improve search engine rankings: Major search engines like Google now factor in whether or not websites use HTTPS when indexing pages in their results; if yours doesn’t contain an active SSL certificate then chances are high it won’t appear near the top of relevant searches;

3) Get better rates from payment processors: Many popular payment processing solutions offer discounts for businesses whose sites use HTTPS due to increased levels of trust associated with these types of sites;
4) Keep up with industry standards: The internet moves quickly – having all appropriate security measures installed helps keep up with current trends so you don’t fall behind competitors who might have more modern systems than yours does!

5) Protect against malicious attacks: Without proper encryption mechanisms in place hackers could easily intercept traffic sent between users visiting your site – installing an effective certification system helps prevent them from doing this successfully without detection by authorities monitoring activity across networks worldwide!

How Do I Get an SSL  For My Breeder Website?

Getting an SSL certificate isn’t difficult but they can be costly and do require some technical know-how depending on whether you plan on self-installing it yourself or hiring someone else to do the job for you; most hosting providers offer easy ways install them via cPanel/ WHM panel – both of our packages come with a free SSL certificate.

Included with The Starter & Platinum Packages

At Breeder Designs we take security very seriously and understand how important it is for our clients’ websites to be properly secured with all available tools like TLS/SSL certificates. To achieve this goal we make sure every single project includes these measures before launch: We purchase valid domain-validated (DV) TLS/SSL certificates; configure automatic redirects from http:// URLs to https:// URLs; monitor our HTTPS setup regularly; adjust server configuration settings accordingly; configure web servers appropriately according our customer’s hosting environment; include HSTS headers in response headers; activate OCSP stapling if possible,  and more. All these steps ultimately help us guarantee the highest level of security possible when accessing our client’s websites through secure connections like HTTPS protocol. A free SSL is included with our Starter Package (2 months) or our Platinum Package (12 months). 

To sum up – regardless of whether you run a small blog or large ecommerce store online – securing your confidential user data should always come first! Having proper encryption through TLS/SSL certificates installed on every page of your website allows customers feel secure when visiting your cattery website or dog breeder website.


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