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If you are new to owning a website or in process of having a cattery or dog kennel website built, you may have heard the term domain name. You may be wondering exactly what that is, so let’s talk about that.

There are 3 separate components of a web page, which are very often confused with one another. They are the domain name, the website, and website hosting. Each is required to have a functioning website that is available for internet viewers to visit and also to see in the search engine results of any the search engines, such as Google and Bing.

The domain name is the technical term for your website URL. It is how internet users locate you. If you think of the website as your dog kennel business home, your domain name would be the address to get there. Our domain name here is

A domain name is often compared to real estate. Once a domain name is bought up, it is no longer on the market. I own and pay an annual fee to own it. No one can purchase this domain name, since I am the owner. The only way my domain name can be legally acquired is through purchasing directly from me, or if I was to allow my domain name ownership to expire (or miss payments). At that time, a domain registry would make it available for sale to the public. This is why it is important for breeders to go ahead and grab up their domain name while it is available – even if they are not quite ready for a breeder website just yet. If you don’t get it, someone else will… especially if you already have a good social media presence. Individuals and businesses will often buy these domain names up, with the intent of selling it to the business for a premium domain name price, which significantly higher than the fee that a domain name registry (such as Godaddy or Name Cheap) charges.

Domain Name Extensions

A domain name extension is the letters following the final period in your domain name address. For example, .com is a domain name extension. Currently, there are nearly 300 different domain name extensions, and new ones popping up every day. Domain name extensions aren’t just random letters. They do indicate a meaning. For example, .com indicates a commercial organization, .org indicates an organization or nonprofit, and .net indicates a network. A .com domain name is the most popular, and always the better choice over all of those extensions. The .net domain name extension is the second best. Some domain name extensions such as (but not limited to) .gov, .edu, and .uk are restricted. Purchasers must show verification of the government entity, the education organization, or UK residency to purchase domains with these extensions.  

Now that you have a good understanding of what a domain name is, you can see if your domain name is available for purchase by clicking the button below (note – if it is available, it will be available in all domain name registries; likewise, if it is not available in one registry, it will not be available for purchase in any of them (very similar to real estate!). Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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