Being a dog breeder means that you will at some point need a dog breeders website design. Many professional breeders and hobby breeders alike opt for a professional web design to supplement and strengthen their social media presence. A website also strengthens your brand with Google. A professional website also opens up an entirely new, enormous channel for puppy customers to find your dog kennel or your breeding program in the search engines. A website also works as an streamlined and effective way to list your available puppies, stud service, adult dog adoptions, contracts. payment options, and more. With a website, all of those can be shared with a single URL. A website is a more powerful than a social media profile. There’s just so much you can do on a single website. AND you can show your business’ character and identity with a creative touch.

Responsive Dog Kennel Website Design

A responsive website means that your website will resize and reformat images, text, spacing, etc., to look great on all devices. This means your site should look just as awesome on your laptop as it does your iPhone. Each website is built with a desktop view, a tablet view, and a mobile view – three different (but similar) designs. A web designer needs to know how to design for all devices, including iPads and other tablets. This is something that is overlooked when businesses use free website builders or dog breeding website templates. Many of these websites look okay one a cell phone, but look jumbled and disorganized, and even have many elements of the website missing or skewed. This creates a very unprofessional first impression for potential puppy buyers.
A responsive dog kennel website design is important for many purposes, not just the aesthetic reasons. It is important for website visitors to be able to easily navigate your website, no matter what device they are using. Most search engines, including the most used search engine, Google, requires that websites be responsive to all devices. This means Google will actually de-rank your site in the Google Search Engine Results (SERPs), pushing your site farther down so that many puppy shoppers will never see it. So if you have decided to take the next step in your breeding business and have a site built, it is important to have your site built by a professional and not a the first friend who will build you a free Wix or Weebly website for a low price. It is just not going to be a benefit for your business in the end.

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