Our website packages with SEO range from $900 to $2,000 depending on what fits the breeder's needs. We also have a $99 package for those who would like to build their own website.

Not usually. We require half of the total payment as a down payment. The remaining is due before transfer to your domain name or after 4 weeks, whichever is sooner. Note: If we are providing live revisions, SEO, and/or redesign to your existing site on your domain, full payment is required upfront.

If a client has provided all required content, a website can be completed in under 2 weeks. However, we will work on a case by case basis for clients who need a little more time to provide all needed content.

Here is a list of what we will need to complete your website:

  1. A paragraph of about 300 unique words to build off of. This would typically be a summary of your kennel. Some things you can include are your location, when your business was established, a little about your breeding stock or pet services, bloodline info, a little about your breeds, what sets your business apart from other businesses like yours, and some of your accomplishments as a breeder or pet service provider. Note: Please do not provide copy/pasted content for your website. This will hurt the ranking of your website.
  2. Content! Please provide the best photos and videos relavant to your business.
  3. Contact info. We will need at minimum your name, location, phone number, and email address. Your address will not be displyed on your website unless you request us to do so.
  4. Payment info. We will need your PayPal.me link for your payment page. If you use some other method of payment, we will need that information for your payment page.
  5. For Breeders:
    1. A minimum of 3 photos