Certified Canine Nutritionist

My education and experience come from a holistic approach where I look at the body as a whole, not just make recommendations for symptomatic solutions. This process may take a little longer to show results however, the issues our pets deal with do not happen overnight so we need to set dietary revisions to slowly regain health of the body. I ask that my clients have patience and faith that what they are doing is the right choice for the overall health of their loved companions.

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Zena and Gillian Edwards, CCMT, RM, CAC

A Colorado-based animal communicator and dog psychic, Karuna and Reiki Master and certified canine massage therapist and instructor, Gillian Edwards provides in-person and remote holistic healing solutions for animals and their human companions. Working locally in the Denver, Colorado area, nationally and internationally, Gillian takes a cooperative approach to animal well-care, with a deep understanding of how holistic therapies can enhance and complement traditional and alternative veterinary therapies

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Breeder Designs is growing

Breeder Designs is growing. We may be looking for 1 or 2 reliable people to join our team (as an independent contractor). Requirements: *Unique graphic signature style *MUST put the customer FIRST *Professionalism *Reasonable turnaround times *Must accept PayPal *Work from home This is busy work & long hours, so you must be dedicated! Please [...]

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The Bracco Italiano

The Bracco Italiano - a relatively newer breed for the AKC, recognized by AKC in 2001. The Bracco Italiano has been called the oldest European pointer, and its history reaches back to the fourth or fifth century BC. While the exact ancestral origins are unknown, it is generally accepted that the Bracco Italiano was first [...]

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